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Triumvirate Programme

Triumvirate Primary Care Leadership and Change Agent Development Programme 2020

Currently there are huge expectations on primary care and its ability to transform itself to meet the future needs of patients and populations. Policymakers and commissioners are driving forward new organisational forms, new collaborative arrangements and alliances, such as Primary Care Networks (PCNs), and new ways of working in order to address ever increasing demands on general practice.

The call for transformative change also comes against a background of significant pressures on community-based health and social care services; overloaded and under invested services struggling to cope day-to-day and to recruit and retain staff to work within it. These are significant and complex challenges which require sustained, supportive and multi-dimensional approaches with a focus on those individuals working in the system and improved outcomes for patients delivered through effective, high quality of care. One key component is the building of leadership capacity and capability in general practice alongside its wider neighbourhood/locality teams.

During the next few years, primary care will undergo enormous changes with a backdrop of the pressures of an ageing population, the need for improved health outcomes, recruitment and retention issues, developing technologies, the impact of integrated care systems, and greater collaboration through PCNs- these all present leadership challenges for those working in primary care. Primary care leaders will need to not only understand the changes but need to work more collectively across networks and systems, be visionary in designing future services and more effective in leading their teams to help improve the quality of care and overall health and well-being of local communities. The need for improved leadership development opportunities for primary care has been recognised in successive national policy documents including the NHS Long Term Plan (January 2019) and most recently highlighted in the Interim NHS People Plan (June 2019).

Primary care is a complex landscape and there are multiple agencies and stakeholders involved – the Triumvirate Programme offers an innovative approach to enable multi professional teams to learn and work together to become a collaborative team of change agents delivering positive impacts for the individual, team, practice and wider locality.

What does Triumvirate achieve for your practice?

The innovative Triumvirate primary care leadership and change agent programme is designed to enable a team of three multi-professional practitioners from your primary care practice to become a collaborative team of change agents. The leadership and improvement science tools and resources you will gain as part of the programme will enable you to transform your organisation, thrive as you face change challenges, transform your systems/processes and create an enhanced collaborative team approach.

The science of how this is achieved begins with your three primary care leaders themselves, developing them together to become your cohesive collaborative change agent team. The programme will engage them in applying the learning and change toolkit with wider practice colleagues so that your entire organisation becomes part of this programme and benefits from the learning.

The ultimate return on investment for your practice is not only transforming the individuals on the programme and your wider practice colleagues, but also in advancing a collaborative organisational change project of your choice, which will focus on sustainable transformational change and help you to prepare for the demands of the future.

How will Triumvirate achieve this for us?

The power of three: The Triumvirate concept is unique in that it brings together three different health professionals from your practice including a Medic, Clinician and Manager (i.e. GP, Practice Nurse and Practice Manager), or equivalents. The team size is preferably three but can be from a single practice or from a multi-practice collaborative or wider primary care organisation. They will develop as leaders of change both individually and as a ‘tri-leader’ team, practically applying their learning to transform organisational culture in collaboration with your wider practice colleagues.

Your change-science toolkit: Participants will gain access to evidence based and practical tools and techniques that increase their insight about themselves and each other. They will use the toolkit to build practice-based relationships and deliver a service improvement that has impact during and beyond the programme.

Practical project work: Participants work together on a common transformation project that is relevant to advancing your organisation, allowing them to demonstrate tangible return on investment for their time taking part in the programme.

Engaging the wider practice in the change: The improvement science tools and techniques shared during the programme are specifically chosen and taught in a practical way. This allows your triumvirate team to replicate these and so enables your wider organisational colleagues to feel part of the programme.

Networking, sharing practice and peer support: The programme is built around a strong foundation that enables participants to network, share best practice and offer peer support between practices both during and after the programme finishes.

Workshop and project work structure: The programme is designed to enable participants to gain new leadership and change agent skills during workshop learning days, and then go away to apply these to your change project and share then with wider practice colleagues so that everyone in your practice benefits from being part of the programme.

What content does Triumvirate cover?

Triumvirate will utilise six workshop days to equip your change team with the personal development, team development, and improvement science toolkit needed to progress your organisational change project.

Day 1: Self-insight and building relationships

Day 2: Leading transformational projects

Day 3: Leading through change

Day 4: Leading in a coaching style

Day 5: Building teams

Day 6: Presenting with impact

There is a further day at the very end of the programme which enables the cohort to come together again to share their learning, create a wider peer support network and plan for their future change initiatives. It also gives us an opportunity to capture data for evaluation purposes.

When will the programme take place?

Dates for your diary:

  • 31 March 2020
  • 05 May 2020
  • 02 June 2020
  • 25 June 2020
  • 29 July 2020
  • 02 September 2020
  • 21 October 2020 – Evaluation event

The programme takes place at venues in Durham and/or Newcastle which have excellent access routes from across the region.

Who should we send from our practice?

The programme is open to General Practice, Dental, Pharmacy and wider primary care teams who believe they will benefit from being part of the programme and who are ready to embrace organisational change.

You will need to identify three multi-professional individuals from your practice organisation or wider collaborative to attend (Medical, Clinical and Managerial – i.e. GP, Practice Nurse, Practice Manager or your equivalent).

These individuals should be in a great position to become your organisational change agent leadership team, and will be ready to develop individually as leaders, work together as a supportive team, and then apply their newly developed skills and transformation toolkit with your wider practice colleagues so that everyone in your practice benefits from the programme.

How much does it cost?

Places are funded but this does not include costs relating to travel or backfill.

How to apply?

Please use the application form which can be found here and return via email to cdda-tr.nelacademy@nhs.net  by 5pm Friday 14 February 2020.    


Want to learn more?

Watch this video to learn more about the programme in just over three minutes.



Watch this video to learn more about the programme in just over three minutes.


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