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Talent Management

Large Homepage Banner - Talent Management.pngThe NHS is filled with talented people committed to delivering the best possible heath care.

To be successful we need to know where these people are, how to develop them to reach their full potential and how to retain them.

Talent management represents our efforts to attract, develop and keep these valuable skilled employees. It’s about getting people with the right capabilities, commitment and behaviours in the best place to drive our success.

Excellent people are our biggest competitive advantage but also our largest cost therefore it’s vital we have a planned approach to talent management so we continue to provide the necessary care to patients.

To help you identify the best talent across the NHS using a consistent framework, the Academy worked with regional teams to develop the Talent Management Conversation Tool and the Maximising Potential Conversation Tool.

We deliver talent management events throughout the year.

The Talent Management Toolkit contains template documents and guides that you can use to assist in implementing a robust talent management process within your organisation.

Visit the National Leadership Academy Talent Management Hub.

tm-talent-management.jpgClick on the image to access the NHS Talent Management Hub