NHS Improving Quality

NHS Improving Quality works to improve health outcomes across England by providing improvement and change expertise. 

Established on 1 April 2013, NHS Improving Quality (NHS IQ) is the driving force for improvement across the NHS in England. It works to improve health outcomes for people by providing improvement and change expertise.

Hosted by NHS England, it has created an improvement organisation that is in alignment with the needs and challenges of the NHS. As well as continually looking at best practice from both across the NHS and around the world, NHS IQ draws on the experience of previous successful improvement programmes established by legacy organisations.

The Academy supports and promotes development opportunities provided by NHS IQ, which fit with our overall aim of continuously developing leaders and managers to improve health services for patients and communities throughout the north east of England.

Current NHS IQ opportunities include:

Leading Transformational Change

Quality, Service Improvement and Redesign: Improvement Coaching for the Public Sector Programme, (QSIR IC)

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