The Implications of DNAs and Late Cancellations

08 November 2018


We've taken some time out over the last few weeks to have a look into the implications of DNAs and late cancellations, to see what effect this has on our service, and to see what can be done in terms of reducing waste and cost.

When an event or workshop is approaching, it's vital that we are aware of the number of attendees for matters such as catering. We ask as part of our attendance policy that if you are unable to attend, to let us know within 7 days, so that we have time to offer your place out to another delegate, and that they have time to make other arrangements such as study leave, etc. If you can't attend for any reason, we would be grateful if you could nominate a substitute delegate who meets the programme criteria to fill your place. 

While we appreciate that unexpected circumstances can result in the cancellation of places, unfortunately if you don't notify us within 7 days prior to the event, it is highly unlikely that we will be able to fill your place and this will result in a loss of NHS funding. 

In the past financial year alone, participant DNAs and late cancellations at the Leadership Academy North East resulted in a loss of over £20,000 of NHS funding.  All cancelled places, late cancellations and DNA’s are reported to your sponsoring organisation leadership lead, who will monitor these closely.

If you are unable to attend an event yourself, as mentioned above, please notify us as soon as possible or nominate a colleague to attend on your behalf. This will ensure that we make best use of public monies and are able to continue to provide development services in the future. Please be aware that all cancelled places, late cancellations and DNA’s are monitored here at the Leadership Academy also. 

In the last month alone, we have had more than 70 delegates letting us know that they can't attend at such short notice that we aren't able to fill their space, or simply not turn up at all. Below is a photograph of food waste from a one-day workshop at the Academy due to such a high number of late cancellations and DNAs on the day of the event. On this occasion, this included 38 sandwiches and 9 wraps, as well as fruit and cakes. As a result, we have decided to lower our catering order numbers by 10-20%, dependant upon how large the event is.

If you have any questions, or for further information in relation to this, please contact us at

Catering Waste.jpg