New chapters for Claire and Kitty

02 July 2018


NELA Programme Lead Claire Carrick is about to take maternity leave, checking out of the office at the end of this week and not returning until next May.

Claire was sent off with a few gifts and fun baby shower hosted by the team, who all enjoyed a little food and a couple of party games. We wish Claire all the luck in the world as she embarks on a new chapter in her life.

While away, Claire's work will be looked after by Kitty Haylock who joins us on secondment after travelling through Europe for an extended period. Before travelling, Kitty was a module lead on the postgraduate clinical leadership programme at Newcastle University and delivered leadership and coaching programmes through Cath Brown Consultancy. She is excited to join the team and looks forward to working with colleagues across the region.

Claire-Carrick-5x5.pngClaire CarrickKitty-Haylock-5x5.pngKitty Haylock