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Return to Work Mentoring Programme - Open to Applications

06 January 2021

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After taking a period of extended leave from our roles, transitioning back into a complex and changeable system can be a challenging, confusing and lonely process. And more recently we're finding colleagues that have been redeployed temporarily to support the system wide response to Covid-19, are now transitioning back slowly to their substantive roles over the coming months. To support all leaders from all levels of the system, we are offering you the opportunity to develop ‘return to work’ mentoring skills which will enable a smoother transition for you and give you the ability to support other colleagues facing similar challenges.

This programme will provide development to enable you to use your own learning and the learning of others, in a mentoring context, to address some of the biggest challenge’s individuals have reported from return to work transitions

Applications are welcomed from all NHS employed staff. Cohort dates and the application form can be accessed here: