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Return to Work Mentoring Programme

07 October 2020

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Return to Work Mentoring

This programme, offered and delivered by the national academy team, is open to expressions of interest to attend. The refreshed content will be delivered using a virtual platform through four bite-sized, interactive workshops. This programme is suitable for

  • Existing NHS coaches or mentors OR individuals with a keen interest in using their lived experience to mentor others
  • Colleagues who have a responsibility to support staff returning to work e.g. HR professionals, Team leaders, Occupational Health staff
  • Individuals who work within leadership development including Organisational Development, Talent Management, Inclusion & Diversity, Coaching & Mentoring, Learning & Development

This programme will enable participants to use their learning in a mentoring context to address some of the biggest challenges individuals have reported from return to work transitions. Many life events can give rise to a period of extended leave (8 weeks or more) which requires planning, adjustment and transition. In addition we know that many colleagues were redeployed to support the system-wide response to Covid-19 and are now transitioning back to their substantive roles.

This programme addresses the 2020-21 People Plan commitments “Looking after our people” and “Growing for the future”. It is co-designed and delivered by Charmaine Kwame, national programme lead for Coaching & Mentoring, and Nicki Seignot, leadership coach, author, and return to work subject expert at Parentmentor. Four cohorts will be offered with the following start/finish dates:

Cohort 6: start date: 10 November 2020 and end date: 24 November 2020

Cohort 7: start date: 1 December 2020 and end date: 15 December 2020

Cohort 8: start date 12 January 2021 and end date: 26 January 2021

Cohort 9: start date 8 February 2021 and end date: 23 February 2021

The Return to Work Mentoring programme is fully described on the Leadership Academy website.

Applications will open shortly, meanwhile people can view the dates and register their interest at https://www.leadershipacademy.nhs.uk/programmes/return-to-work-mentoring/apply/

If you have any queries about this opportunity please contact: returntoworkmentoring@leadershipacademy.nhs.uk.