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People Recovery Leadership -Regional Leadership Support Circles

30 April 2021

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Leadership Support Circles are short themed, online sessions based on the 10 evidence based principles for leading compassionately during Covid-19*. They are multi-disciplinary interactive spaces for people managers at all levels to come together, share their experiences and be heard.

Leadership Support Circles (LSCs) arose from the work of the NHS Health and Wellbeing taskforce which was established to anticipate and respond to the needs of NHS staff contending with the Covid-19 pandemic. LSCs were developed to provide a safe space for NHS people managers to come together and share experience, to be heard and sometimes to work through complex challenges. The intention was to offer psychological support for those with people management responsibilities during the COVID-19 crisis; drawing on the wealth of evidence about:

•The critical importance of effective supervision for employee wellbeing during crisis periods (Greenberg, Jameton et al)

•The value of safe spaces to share experience in a structured, supportive way

NEYLA regional leadership Support Circles

Leadership support circles were initially offered nationally and later introduced into individual organisations by facilitators trained in their delivery. The NEYLA regional offer utilises volunteer trained facilitators from our region to provide LSCs for participants from multiple organisations. We hope to build capacity to provide further LSC’s and are initially offering a trial selection of LSC’s which we feel may be particularly relevant to the current people leadership challenges relating to the Covid-19 re-entry and recovery stages.

See image below for information on the 10 behaviours, please note there have been some adaptations in terms of title and/or content for the regional offer

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10 Behaviours.jpg