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Leading Compassionately through Covid19 - Coaching Offer to Senior Leaders

24 August 2021


Leading Compassionately through Covid19 - Coaching Offer to Senior Leaders

We’ve partnered with Unlimited Potential, leading-edge organisation to provide free, confidential, 1-2-1 coaching support sessions for our NHS (and social care) leaders to assist and support you throughout the pandemic.


Leading in and through the pandemic– coaching support

Are you a senior leader wanting to stand back and appraise your decision-making during the current situation whilst creating time and space to consider how to lead the transition into the future state?

If so, we can match you with an experienced coach who will work with you to strengthen your leadership by creating  space for you to stand back, slow-down and reflect - providing you with the opportunity to enhance your decision making, to ‘hold steady’ in, and through, this crisis and to build and maintain personal resilience in order to effectively role-model effective, inclusive and compassionate leadership.

Support for senior leaders will be provided, virtually, for up to a maximum of twelve 45 to 60-minute sessions. Please note that as capacity for this offer is limited, priority will be given to those with significant organisational, system or national-level leadership roles.  You will be asked to make a short case for how you meet these criteria and how you, your team and/or patients will benefit from the coaching. 

Please note: This is not an offer for career development.

Can you please complete the registration form giving as much information as possible, this will help match you to your coachRegister here

For further information and to express an interest, please email england.covid19-coachingandmentoring@nhs.net

All enquiries and information provided to enable matching with a coach will be treated in strictest confidence.  Information on how we will handle your data will be provided.