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Building an Inclusive Culture Programme

07 July 2021


Being Inclusive is different to being included. We can be included, but still feel on the outside because the environment doesn’t take into consideration what is important to us and/or relate to our individual culture and background. Building a truly inclusive culture doesn’t happen by ticking a box, it can only happen when at an individual level we are open to be educated and challenged, which ultimately drives a collective change.

This programme is focused on creating an environment that is psychologically safe to support the delivery of the ED&I agenda, and at the same time open up the opportunity for all conversations that matter to take place.

Workshop One: To highlight the importance of self-awareness to drive accountability and change.

Workshop Two: To enable more curiosity and less judgement around the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion agenda to enable real change instead of tick boxing.

Do you have a genuine passion for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion within the North East and Yorkshire & Humber Region?

Are you someone who ……

  • Wants to start the ripple effect in culture change?
  • Is brave enough to be a catalyst for change/ powerful change agent?
  • Wants to make a high impact and sustained change and impact the NHS culture?
  • Is prepared to face into the conversations that matter and cares about NHS people?
  • Endorses compassionate leadership?

If so, please complete EOI form and provisionally hold dates in your diary as places are very limited

Virtually delivery via Microsoft Teams

Pre online survey week commencing 27th September

Thursday 7th October workshop one

Thursday 28th October workshop two

Post online survey week commencing 28th November

For further information/return EOI to michael.ziki@nhs.net

Deadline for EOI Friday 6th August at 4pm

We will be notifying applicants week commencing Monday 16th August


Flyer and Expressions of Interest Form