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Healthcare Leadership Model

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The Healthcare Leadership Model is useful for everyone whether you have a formal leadership responsibility or not, if you work in a clinical or other service setting, and if you work with a team of five people or 5,000.

It describes the things you can see leaders doing at work, and is organised in a way that helps everyone to see how they can develop as a leader.

The model is made up of nine leadership dimensions:

Inspiring shared purpose.png
Inspiring Shared Purpose
Leading with care.png
Leading With Care
Evaluating information.png
Evaluating Information
Connecting our service.png
Connecting Our Service
Sharing the vision.png
Sharing The Vision
Engaging the team.png
Engaging The Team
Holding to account.png
Holding To Account
Developing capability.png
Developing Capability
Influencing for results.png
Influencing For Results

We want to help you understand how your leadership behaviours affect the culture and climate you, your colleagues and teams work in. 

Whether you work directly with patients and service users or not, you will realise what you do and how you behave will affect the experiences of patients and service users of your organisation, the quality of care provided and the reputation of the organisation itself.

The behaviours of effective leaders map to the dimensions on this model. Courses delivered by the Academy can help you develop the personal qualities needed to become an effective leader. Each course correlates to one or more of the nine behaviours shown on the model.

You can see how each course maps to one or more Leadership Model dimension on the Events & Courses page.

Visit the NHS Leadership Academy website to learn more about the nine dimensions, how your behaviour correlates to each dimension, and understand which areas you should focus on to become a more effective leader. 

You can then use this information to help choose the most appropriate development opportunities that will help you become a more effective leader.

Using the NHS Healthcare Leadership Model to Develop Stronger Leaders at TEWV

Download the case study


The applied psychology team at Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust (TEWV) has a keen interest in developing the leadership skills of its people.

The Trust has created Applied Psychology Leadership Profiles by mapping the NHS Healthcare Leadership Model to the job grades of applied psychologists, from trainees to professional leads.

This document shares examples of how trainees can demonstrate leadership competencies while on placement. Junior staff sometimes struggle to identify what they do in a leadership capacity, and must be supported to understand that leadership is a set of value-driven behaviours and not associated with authority.

"It is a great piece of work."

"This is a really good piece of work in its own right but also the positioning on the leadership website enhances the professional profile. I undertake the teaching on leadership at Surrey, these cards will be really helpful as part of this learning experience."

"Sarah and Jenny have done an excellent piece of work which has and will be good for visibility and utility for profession."

"Look very interesting. Certainly work to 'define' what we are/ would be looking for is definitely needed in this area."


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Healthcare Leadership Model App

The Healthcare Leadership Model has been accessed as both a self-assessment and 360 feedback by thousands of NHS staff since its launch. We are very excited to share the latest leadership development tool; The Healthcare Leadership Model App.

This tool is designed for use by staff working at any level to support their leadership development. It allows a record of observations about the leadership behaviours of yourself and others, supporting exploration of these using the 9 dimensions of the Healthcare Leadership Model. Users can add their reflections, save and revisit entries, set goals and reminders and download a summary pdf report for use as part of a development programme or personal development portfolio.  

The App can be downloaded to any mobile phone by clicking (https://observations.leadershipacademy.nhs.uk/start), and more information will be available on our website.

 Find out more about the app here