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Psychological Safety in Practice

Date: 04 December 2019

Time: 10:00 AM to 04:00 PM

Duration: 6 hours

Venue: Palatine House , Belmont Business Park , Belmont , Durham DH1 1TW


Leadership Skills Development

Leadership Dimensions:

Psychological Safety in Practice

Target Audience - Any team leaders or managers at any level

A practical workshop to translate the theory of psychological safety into practice in teams and organisations.

Creating a climate of psychological safety enables colleagues, teams and organisations to resolve conflict, ensure safety, mitigate errors, learn continuously and improve performance.

Twenty years of research on psychological safety demonstrates positive benefits for learning, engagement and performance in a wide range of organisations.

When NHS staff feel psychologically safe, care for patients is safer.

Less evident is how to practically nurture psychological safety in a pressurised, highly-regulated and politicised workplace such as the NHS. The literature offers useful frameworks and strategic approaches, but translating these into everyday, operational practice can be complex work for leaders and teams.

In practical terms, what can we as leaders of teams and organisations do to create and nurture psychological safety?

Based on in-depth work with NHS and healthcare teams over several years, this workshop will provide you with a safe learning space to:

  • Consider current levels of psychological safety in the teams you lead;
  • Learn and apply tools which can help identify barriers to psychological safety;
  • Practise facilitating conversations which enable honesty and openess in discussing fear of ‘failure’, learning from mistakes and speaking up
  • Explore leadership behaviours and mindsets which model and support colleagues and teams to feel more psychologically safe