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Lunch & Learn EDI Leads and Staff Networks: The Power of Partnership

Date: 21 July 2021

Time: 02:00 PM to 04:00 PM

Duration: 2 hours

Venue: Online


New ways of working and delivering care

Leadership Dimensions:

Lunch & Learn EDI Leads and Staff Networks: The Power of Partnership

This workshop will help networks leaders and those supporting them to gain a fresh understanding of the following:

• The purpose of the network;

• How to strengthen the position/structure of the network;

• The tools to help the network be more effective

It will be interactive, engaging and practical.

Cherron Inko-Tariah MBE is an Author, Consultant, Facilitator and Coach

She is a former civil servant and has undertaken leadership roles in various policy and strategic positions across Whitehall, including working with Ministers and Permanent Secretaries.

In 2012, Cherron took a leap of faith and left the Civil Service to follow her passion; staff networks. After publishing her book: The Incredible Power of Staff Networks, Cherron founded The Power of Staff Networks consultancy where she provides a wide range of services. She is passionate about staff networks and the positive impact these can have on the individual and the organisation. That is why Cherron founded the National Day for Staff Networks - the first of its kind celebrating the added value of networks.

A first-class facilitator and trainer Cherron effectively engages with panel members and the audience. She is experienced in working with a broad range of organisations from different sectors and their networks.


Our Lunch and Learn sessions will offer sociable, collaborative alternative to traditional classroom based learning, The sessions are a great way to foster a culture of learning and knowledge, encouraging growth and strengthening ties across the region which will enable us to build a stronger work culture in the NHS.