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Lunch and Learn: Working towards Allyship in the ICS and help identify racial inequalities

Date: 23 March 2022

Time: 12:30 PM to 01:30 PM

Duration: 1 hour

Venue: Online


Leadership Skills Development

Leadership Dimensions:

Lunch and Learn: Working towards Allyship in the ICS and help identify racial inequalities

Gain an understanding of White Supremacy and what that means by discussing some of the privilege's that white people enjoy-whether they are aware of this or not-and explain the problematic ways in which white people often try to engage with people of colour.

The discussion will also explore Nice Racism and finally how you can discover some constructive things you can do to become an Ally in the fight against racism.

Our facilitator, Usha Kaushal:

Over her 32-year career in the NHS as a Pharmacist, Usha has held a variety of leadership roles, working in Higher Health Education, Primary Care, Hospital, Urgent & Emergency Care and as a Superintendent Pharmacist culminating in her present role as the Lead Pharmacist and Operational Lead for Specialist Palliative Care Services, for the NHS 111/Integrated Urgent Care Clinical Advisory Service for Yorkshire and Humber at Yorkshire Ambulance Service.

Usha has also undertaken a secondment at NHS England as a national adviser to the Chief Pharmacist office in the Pharmacy Integration/Strategy and Innovation Directorate and was also part of the National IUC Pharmacy COVID CAS Network.

Usha is acutely aware of the lack of diversity and BAME representation at senior levels and is actively using her power and influence to address this issue. She is a member of the WY&H ICS BAME network and using her Nye Bevan NHS Executive leadership learnings is helping to further build networks of learning, support, and shared working to co-produce the NHS we all want that is representative of the diverse population we serve.

Nationally she has engaged with the NHS-Leadership Academy, and the National-NHS Women’s Leadership Conference, leading joint workshop with executive leaders on Intersectional Feminism White Privilege and Allyship. Recently she has been invited as a keynote speaker to BAME inclusion events to promote dialogue between BAME staff and executive leaders and has addressed a number of national Professional bodies.

She states that It has been humbling to see people engaging, swapping details, and starting allyship journeys during the events and the comments on twitter, LinkedIn, and the emails she has received have been overwhelmingly supportive and positive.


The session aims to:


• Deepen your understanding of white supremacy

• What is White Privilege

• Why claiming you are “Colour blind” is bad

• Why Nice racists often do the most harm.

• Why Nice racists are people who believe themselves to be progressive and tolerant – and therefore incapable of racism

• Learn to be a WHITE ALLY

• Constructive things you can do to fight racism