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Leading in The Hybrid World

Date: 24 June 2021

Time: 09:00 AM to 10:30 AM

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Venue: Online


Leadership Skills Development

Leadership Dimensions:

Leading in The Hybrid World

Ask yourself this question: How can upgrade my listening skills to support my team in a hybrid world?

The phrase “hybrid world” means functioning between video platforms and in-person interactions. Technology alone will not meet every need; we must shift some of the conversation to focus on the human aspects of the workplace.

Join us to explore how aspects of the hybrid world impacts on how we work and communicate, and the impact that this has on psychological safety.

Materials from these sessions will be made available to attending participants to enable support of in-house developments

This session is a 90 minute reflective exploration of some of the current challenges to the way we work.

We are going to briefly explore three areas relating to leading in the changed context

1) Leading in a hybrid world – what is it and how will it affect the way we work?

2) Communication that builds trust – building empowered individuals and teams in a hybrid world of work

3) Psychological safety to build trust– how to explore and create conditions for effective work

Who is this event aimed at?

Those leading individuals, teams or projects across a hybrid work environment