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Introduction to Organisation Development Programme

Date: 13 September 2018

Time: 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM

Duration: 8 hours

Venue: Palatine House, Belmont Business Park, Durham, DH1 1TW


North East Organisational Development Network

Leadership Dimensions:

Introduction to Organisation Development Programme

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What participants said about this event

89% of delegates said they would change their practice after participating in this event.

“The whole day was useful. Maxine’s facilitation and style helped reflection and learning. I feel that I am more confident in entry and contracting and have been able to set some clear goal for development between now and day two.”

“Loved quiet time activity with questions around my individual reflection. This was a fantastic day and opportunity.

“Opportunity to work in a diverse group with people with OD experience and skills and those with more.”

“The content helped me realise that I need to re-evaluate my role..as my preference is OD work.”

Organisation Development (OD) is a particular approach to change and improvement. It can be defined as an approach, “that applies behavioural science knowledge and practices to help organisations achieve greater effectiveness, including financial performance and improved quality of work life.” (Cummings and Worley 2009, 9th Edition)

In simple terms OD is “business improvement through people.” 

Within this three-day Introduction to Organisation Development programme we are seek to support practitioners who are new to OD, and those who have found themselves with OD in their portfolio. The cohort will come together to learn, think and work together to understand the practice of OD more fully.  

This programme began its life here in the North East in 2013 and has been developed since this time by Dr Maxine Craig. Maxine has a 35-year career working in and for the NHS, commencing her career as a nurse. She has worked in the field of OD since the mid 1990s. She currently is a board member of the OD Network for Europe. The programme is delivered by a talented faculty of OD practitioners working across a range of organisation and health and care systems in the North East. They bring a wealth of hands on experience to the learning. 

Learning Outcomes

The designed outcomes are presented below, and day two and three may change as determined by the group learning process.

Day one

  • Gain an understanding of the historical context of OD and explore how this may relate to their own career journey
  • Consider differing modes of change agency and where OD fits within the wide change agenda.
  • Be introduced to the OD framework and the values which underpin and guide OD work
  • Focus on the key stages of entry and contracting 

Day two 

  • Reflect upon their learning from day one 
  • Reconnecting with the OD framework  
  • Consider action research as a key platform for delivering OD 
  • Explore how data from the field of practice is used to inform intervention design
  • Be introduced to the difference between diagnostic OD and dialogic OD
  • Reflect on the change agent and OD practitioner’s role in diagnosis and sense making
  • Review personal modes of intervention design
  • Explore and critique a case study from the field

Day three

  • Reconnect with the OD framework and their own work place practice 
  • Explore contemporary views of organisational culture and where OD fits 
  • Focus on dialogical approaches to OD
  • Consider the use of narrative and stories in organisational life and  change work 
  • Focus upon measurement and evaluation of interventions
  • Review the implications of the programme learning for their own practice

Dates & Venue

The programme runs over three days, with gaps between each day to facilitation assimilation into practice. The programme outline is below however a hallmark of the programme is that it is delivered as an OD intervention and the faculty will ensure that the group has the opportunity to shape the content of days two and three to ensuring it is fit for the group’s needs.

  • Day one: 13 September 2018    
  • Day two: 18 October 2018    
  • Day three: 12 December 2018

The programme takes place at Palatine House, Belmont Business Park, Durham, DH1 1TW.

How to apply

Please download and complete the application form, and send it to cdda-tr.nelacademy@nhs.net by Friday 27 July 2018.

Postal Address: North East Leadership Academy, Hatfield Suite, palatine House, Belmont Business Park, DH1 1TW

Please note application does not guarantee a place. Successful, applicants will be notified by Friday 31 August 2018.