Finding your Mojo (Art of Brilliance Series)
Finding your Mojo (Art of Brilliance Series)

Date: 07 February 2018

Time: 09:00 AM to 01:00 PM

Duration: 4 hours

Venue: The Durham Centre, Belmont Industrial Estate, Durham DH1 1TN


Leadership Skills Development

Leadership Dimensions:


Your MOJO is what drives you and sustains you as an individual. Your MOJO shines through to others. It helps you understand yourself and those around you. It helps you to push on when others pull back. It’s the core of who you are being when you’re at your best. 

You should never be without your MOJO but it’s easy to lose. Some people seem to have lost it completely. Others temporarily misplace it. Some have it stolen by the massive pressures of life.

Your MOJO is your most valuable possession so we’re guessing you want it back?

In this workshop you will learn what motivates you and other people; how to turn it on when you want it and how to help others get there. Learn why self-esteem is the key to your Emotional Intelligence and how to build and maintain it.

You will learn how to live ‘On Purpose’ - how you can decide your outcome in any situation life may throw at you. How to take personal responsibility for everything that happens to you and to turn it to your advantage.

You will learn how to be at your best – how to have impact on yourself and those around you. In short, how to be physically and mentally fit and to squeeze more from life.

You will learn about your inner compass – about who you are, your personality and preferences and how they affect your decisions, communications and language.

You will leave this event with increased personal creativity, energy and presence.

This workshop is facilitated by Nigel Percy:


Nigel’s experience is somewhere between traditional and leading edge.

He worked for 30 years as a manager and leader in a UK Blue Chip Company and now trains and speaks in many of the latest and innovative thinking organisations.

Nigel’s training and coaching combine process with creativity.

As an ex-head of learning & development, he knows the importance of creating, hitting and grading learning objectives but will achieve this with the people in the room.

Nigel’s approach blends retention of learning with fun!

His personal objectives are always to add value, have fun and (for delegates to) take action. If any one of these is missing, then the delegates will not have any ownership of the experience and hence there is a feeling of having training “done to them”.

Working in many areas of the same brewing business for 30 years gave Nigel a great grounding into process, management, leadership and all the things we now take for granted. In addition, he has studied the latest areas of leadership and human resource thinking to Masters level and beyond. He was lucky enough to be at the vanguard of areas such as NLP, coaching, appreciative inquiry, memory skills, speed reading, psychological type, positive psychology (but stupid enough to turn down the chance to be certified in any of them) and continues to be abreast of, and open to, current performance and well-being thinking.

His speciality for The Art of Brilliance is Mojo and his leadership blogs (@leadershiplyric) are the talk of the town.

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