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Ensuring Effectiveness of Organisation Development Intervention

Date: 01 November 2018

Time: 09:30 AM to 04:00 PM

Duration: 6 hours 30 minutes

Venue: Palatine House, Belmont Business Park, Durham, DH1 1TW


North East Organisational Development Network

Leadership Dimensions:

Ensuring Effectiveness of Organisation Development Intervention

Here's what happened...

The people that attended this course said that they enjoyed:

  • How to approach operational HR with and OD Mind-set
  • Enjoyed gaining better understanding of OD. The level of knowledge and numbers of example facilitator was able to produce made the course more engaging.
  • Clarity about OD & where it has come from - Questions to ask when contracting with people that may not understand OD.
  • The combination of interaction shared and work. Helpful references.
  • I am new to OD so I found today very useful. It was great to meet new people & share experiences. It will be a big help with my role.
  • A very thought provoking session - which has given me lots of food for thought lots of helpful discussions and I have some practice tools to take away
  • Using client/helper model discussion helped to transfer the learning into practical application.
  • Distinguishing main difference between HR & OD. Engaging and have lots of new prompts.

As the public sector transforms its services to be fit for 21st century challenges many executives and leaders are calling upon the work of Organisation Development (OD) practitioners. 

OD is a particular way of addressing change. We have seen a rise in requests for OD work and also an increase in the number of people having OD included within their work role.

OD is not a panacea for all ills. It is a highly participatory approach to change, with its origins in the 1940s post war and civil rights movements. Being able to discern when an OD intervention will be effective is a key leadership skill.

In this workshop we will help you explore:

  • What is OD and what is not OD?
  • When is OD likely to be effective?
  • When is it likely to be ineffective?
  • How to recognise high quality OD and high quality OD practitioners?
  • How to effectively contract for and commission OD interventions?
  • How to evaluate and assess the return on investment in OD interventions?

Who is the workshop aimed at?

We want to help leaders within the North East to commission good OD and ensure its deployment is effective. This workshop will provide a high level over view of OD, its key principles and explore how to ensure effective deployment. 

It will be of interest to those new to the field of OD, those who find they now have OD within their role/portfolio and those leaders who wish to deploy OD interventions as part of the transformation agenda.


The workshop is led and facilitated by Dr Maxine Craig a NELA Associate and Board Member of the European OD Network

Maxine’s CV, publications and areas of specialist interest can be viewed here.