NHS North East Leadership Academy

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Date: 01 September 2020

Time: 09:30 AM to 11:30 AM

Duration: 2 hours

Venue: Online


Coaching & Mentoring

Leadership Dimensions:

Coaching in Uncertainty

The purpose of this session is for you to explore how you may work with clients during the uncertainty of the current context and environment.

We will be offering space to

  • Check in (what are you thinking and feeling today)
  • Explore the current reality and how may this affect how you engage with clients as a coach
  • Practice some techniques for empathetic exploration of where clients are at (deep listening)
  • Reminder of techniques for coaching in uncertainty (reminder and recap on how we can use questions and tools where appropriate, and when it may be just ok to be there, present and hear where someone is at)
  • Check out and reflections