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Coaching vs Mentoring

In relation to the NHS Leadership Academy North East Coaching Framework, the following principles/descriptions are used:


  • Applicable for all levels and grades
  • Cannot coach someone that doesn’t want to be coached
  • Facilitating learning, development and performance of individuals and teams
  • Quality can be dependent on the relationship
  • Supports the individual to generate his or her own solutions
  • Time bound and to meet specific identified goals
  • Utilises different approaches, models and interventions


  • Benefits depend on the quality of the relationship
  • Benefits to both mentor and mentee
  • Experienced manager passing on skills/expertise/wisdom
  • Expert in their field, advising, supporting and guiding others


  • Communicate information and skill development
  • Dependent on the intrinsic motivation of the individual to translate in to tangible improvement
  • May be cost and time intensive
  • Teach a specific skill to an individual/group

Coaching supervision

  • Experienced member of staff supporting reflection on performance/actions/practice of a junior member of staff
  • Quality is dependent on the relationship
  • Usually has a specific focus – clinical, professional and managerial
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