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Coaching Roles

The primary relationship in any coaching activity is between the coach and the individual – or coachee. 

Other key stakeholders include the NHS Leadership Academy North East, Learning & Development and the individual’s line manager. All parties are interested in improving the coachee’s performance and subsequently their contribution to the organisation. To realise a return on investment it is essential to connect the coachee’s personal objectives to the organisation’s strategic objectives.  

Line managers

As part of the appraisal process an individual’s line manager may suggest or support coaching to enhance the performance of a team member. 

The line manager should help the coachee align their personal objectives with the organisation’s objectives to ensure the return on investment adds personal and organisational value. 

Line managers are expected to apply coaching skills as a style of management within their role or more formally as a workplace coach. By attending an NHS Leadership Academy North East coaching programme managers will be equipped with the necessary skills.  

Internal coaches

Coaches are “managers or specialist staff who support the development of other people within the workplace to enhance their performance to enable them to reach their potential” (CIPD April 2005).

Coaches support the development of an individual’s skills and knowledge to improve their job performance; this leads to achieving personal and organisational objectives. It is imperative that the alignment of objectives is agreed and understood by the coach, coachee and the line manager.

External coaches

It is appropriate to use coaches from outside the NHS when a different perspective is required, e.g. form a different sector or professional group. 

The NHS Leadership Academy North East has identified external coaches with different backgrounds, professional competencies and experiences who are registered on Coachnet. These coaches meet the same requirements as internal coaches in terms of quality and compliance.

The fee for external coaches varies however the NHS Leadership Academy North East has agreed favourable rates for partner organisations. The Academy acts as a broker and provides guidance on selecting external coaches for partner organisations. 


The coachee leads the coaching sessions and gives the coach permission to challenge their self-inhibiting attitudes or ways of thinking and behaving. They take full responsibility for themselves and any actions that result from coaching.

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