Collaborate to Innovate Expert Hackathon Facilitator Programme
Collaborate to Innovate Expert Hackathon Facilitator Programme

Date: 04 May 2017

Time: 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM

Duration: 8 hours

Venue: The Radisson Blu, Durham, DH1 5TA


Leadership Skills Development

Leadership Dimensions:


This one-day programme is facilitated by experienced hackathon experts using methodology adapted from MIT Hacking Medicine for use in the UK health and care system. It aims to give you the skills and knowledge to run a successful ‘Collaborate to Innovate Hackathon’.

The event is designed and delivered by people who are leading culture change for innovation in the NHS and its partner organisations across the U.S.North West Coast.

As expected from the Innovation Agency, the programme is delivered in an innovative way: using experienced facilitators who hold  tacit knowledge and experience of hackathons, employing an end to end paperless system; fully immersing the participant in the hackathon experience by utilising a highly interactive approach.

By participating in this event you will:

1.Understand what a hackathon is, the origins of the methodology and how it is being applied across the world

2.Explore the benefits of hackathons on an individual, organisation and system level

3. Develop competencies in key elements of planning a two day hackathon event, using a paperless approach

4.Understand the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved in hackathons

5.Know how to manage and facilitate a successful hackathon event

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